Groundbreaking Drug Shows Promise in Slowing Alzheimer’s Progression

A groundbreaking discovery has emerged in the fight against Alzheimer’s, as scientists unveil a new drug that has shown promise in slowing the progression of the disease. Dubbed Donanemab, this remarkable medication has been hailed as a potential “turning point” by experts in the field. The key finding from a trial of Donanemab is that […]

Nanoscale Innovation: Key to a Safer, Fairer, and More Sustainable Future

Molecular nanotechnology. Scientific research. Laboratory experiments and high-tech. Molecular lattice abstract 3D illustration.

Nanotechnology is rapidly transforming our world, developing new materials and technologies with unprecedented properties and capabilities. The Nanotechnology sector is set to see a huge growth in demand for related products and services over the next five years across various industries, alongside an increase in government investments towards nanoscale research and development. According to BCC Research, […]

Is AI set to change drug development?

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For all our technological advances over recent decades, the emergence of completely new drugs to tackle some of the world’s most prevalent diseases have been few and far between as often recently approved drugs are just repurposed existing drugs. But that could be about to change. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and […]