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The Breakthrough technology news, features, and events platform is a leading source for emerging tech trends, and has cultivated an audience of tech innovators, impact investors, industry leaders and the tech-savvy public, becoming the go-to place for breakthrough innovations. Unlock the potential of The Breakthrough’s news and events platform to reach engaged and relevant audiences and maximise your marketing and brand presence.
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Sponsor one of our upcoming webinars or events, become a thought leader membership panellist and reach groundbreaking innovators, impact investors, industry leaders, academics and much more through our various event marketing solutions.

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Amplify your brand reach and influence through one of our bespoke marketing and advertising campaigns to access a vibrant community of tech pioneers, investors and industry partners.

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Turn the spotlight on your innovation by featuring in our content, promoting your work and connecting you with relevant members of The Breakthrough audience. This can be through E-newsletters, interviews, as well as videos and online features.

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Raise your brand awareness through a dedicated and bespoke whitepaper research partnership related to an industry or tech sector vertical and maximise your reach and relationships in that chosen field.

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Our dedicated team of digital marketing, data and content specialists can help you create personalised content and deliver it to the target market through our Marketing + extended reach program.

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What our Customers Say...

“We needed a media partner that understood our organisation and could engage our target audience in the right way. The Breakthrough did just that and helped us build a community of innovators, investors and industry partners”

World Nano Foundation

“Working with The Breakthrough allowed us to amplify our brand, gain credibility, and establish important institutional and accredited investor connections for our tech investment sub funds — a truly transformative solutions provider”

Vector Innovation Fund

More Client Feedback...

“The Breakthrough tech news platform was crucial in our journey at finding philanthropic supporters to our global charity that supports game changing impact innovations to make the world a safer and fairer place through democratisation of technology”
World Science Aid
“The Breakthrough events and features were instrumental in connecting us with potential investors and partners as well as helping us create awareness for our pipeline of transformational precision engineered novel disease treatments”
Vector Innovation Fund

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