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We make it possible for our audience of innovators, industry leaders, academics, impact investors, government bodies and curious global citizens to actively participate in this era of transformational tech innovation.

The Breakthrough offers deep tech news to bring to the front the vast opportunities and market impacts these technologies have across diverse sectors such as Healthcare, Clean Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change, Sustainable Food and much more whilst unravelling the underlying science of innovations and investment trends propelling them.

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Whether it’s early intervention healthcare or renewable energy technologies mitigating our carbon footprint, The Breakthrough offers an exclusive look into the world’s most game-changing advancements.

Alongside our in-depth articles are interactive online events and webinars, convening thought leaders, experts, researchers, investors, industry chiefs and technology enthusiasts to discuss these breakthrough technologies’ and their impact.

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Beyond The Breakthrough’s reporting, our mission is to inspire, inform, and spark intellectual curiosity, promote knowledge, analyse impacts, and foster investment in this dynamically changing era.

The Breakthrough technology news platform is your essential guide, providing context, background, and forecasts on these transformative technologies and the markets they serve.


Amanda Shelton

Former network architect Amanda Shelton navigates the labyrinth of Fintech and cloud technologies with ease. Empowering readers through an elucidating analysis of today’s digital transformation trends, her words have featured in numerous tech and investment media, including The Verge and Bloomberg.

David Henley

A seasoned software developer turned tech writer, David Henley draws from 15 years in Silicon Valley before moving to the UK, translating complex tech trends into accessible insights. Published in Wired, Wall Street Journal, The Times and TechCrunch, always behind the scenes.

John McAllister

With a background in Bioinformatics, John McAllister demystifies the cutting edge of biotech. His contributions have guided readers through gene editing and synthetic biology on platforms like The New Scientist and MIT Review.

Rasa Noren

Rasa Noren is a veteran tech writer and analyst with a flair for interpretive writing across healthcare innovation, food tech, AI and nanotechnology. HER writing debunks the jargon and hype into engaging features and analysis. His influence has been showcased in technology news for over 25 years.

Clara Meyers

Clara Meyers, a Clean Energy and Environmental tech analyst turned writer, provides in-depth coverage on Climate Change technology and trends. Her insights and collaborations quietly appear in The Guardian and The New York Times, breaking down complex issues for the everyday reader.

Emma Robertson

Emma Robertson, formerly consulted for NASA, now shadows the tech world through her engaging writing. Known for her deep dive analysis on space tech, battery power and AI, she has been featured in Nano Magazine, The Breakthrough and many other features in journals such as Scientific American and Nature.